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Identify where you stand between the TOP level football players. Know your max speed, know how much you run in every game and a lot more.

For the first time in Cyprus and only at IOAKIM.TRAINING you can have real professional GPS analysis using the top level GPS device by STATSports, even if you are not member of programs

Use it at your game and when the games ends, we will analyse the data and give you a full analysis like the PRO teams do.

Game GPS Analysis is crazy important for you to really identify your fitness level. To realize where you stand between the top level football players. If you don't know these numbers how you can improve? How can you be ready when the time comes?

What is included

total distance

It is clearly proven that players with higher total distance in their games can influence the performance of their team a lot more than others. Furthermore, teams with higher total distance tend to be more successful. 

acc dec

Be always  first on the ball, pick all the second balls when your team loses the first. 

High acceleration is crucial when it comes to game effectiveness.

max speed

Football is getting faster and faster, monitoring your max speed and improving it is a must in modern football performance. More and more teams check the players max speed before they sign them. 


Heart Rate

You need a good engine to build a racing car! Know your limits and break them. Work on them every single day. Internal load is important to help you realize how tired you are and if you are working on your limits.


Total distance is crucial but even more important is the meters you cover in high speed and how many sprints you perform in each game.

Measuring sprints in training also helps to prepare you for the games and make you injury proof.


Football is all about positioning. Know exactly where you moved during the game. Your memory may fool you, your heatmap wont.

more than 100 parameters

So many things to discover about you as a football players, what are your limits what are you made off and how you can improve!

The EXTRA to your football training


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